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A Rare 5-Flush Win

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

In this recap, we're diving deep into a hand from an epic 6-player game with 150BB stacks.

WideDeck can be played with the small-blind, big-blind structure but works best with the Ante-only structure.

Each player puts in an ante, with the button posting a double-ante. The button is always last to act.

Having more in the pot pre-flop - equivalent to five small blinds and one big blind - promotes action and encourages weaker hands to get involved. This reduces folding, making the game more entertaining.

Want the run-down on essential poker terminology before you dive in? Click here!

The Players and Their Hole Cards:

Seat 1: Hainz (Under the Gun)

Jack, 9 (Emerald, Sapphire)

Seat 2: Knox (Under the Gun + 1):

Ace, King (Both Gold)

Seat 3: James (Lojack)

Queen, Jack (Ruby, Sapphire)

Seat 4: Brennan (Hijack)

9, 6 (Silver, Sapphire)

Seat 5: Daniels (Cut off)

Ace, Ace (Silver, Bronze)

Seat 6: Thorpe (Button)

King, 10 (Bronze, Sapphire)

Pre-Flop :

Action 1: Hainz Calls 1BB Two jewels, jack-nine connects, Hainz is hoping to witness a bargain-priced flop.

Action 2: Knox Raises to 4BB

Enter the Gold Ace-King, a relatively weak AK.

Calling is an alternative option.

Action 3: James Calls 4BB

Queen & Jack can play well post-flop, and the ruby queen could make it tempting to 3-bet.

Action 4: Brennan Folds

Holding a weak hand with little upside at this stage of the game.

Action 5: Daniels Raises to 11BB

The Silver-Bronze duo of Aces steps up. Daniels holds the two weakest aces but only 6 other combinations can be ahead of them at this pre-flop stage.

Action 6: Thorpe Folds

A modest hand bows out.

Action 7-9: Hainz Folds, Knox Calls, James Calls The table buzzes with anticipation as the suited Knox and the calculated James stay in the game. The Lojack has a better hand to call with than UTG+1, but with the stacks so deep suited cards have large upside.

And Then, the Flop: Ace Sapphire, Gold Jack, Gold 7 The first community cards hit the felt and it’s an absolute cooler.

Post-flop Action:

The Pot: 35.5BB

Knox and James Check; Daniels Bets 10BB

Daniels kicks off the second round betting.

A less than third pot bet should encourage those with any draws to continue.

Knox Raises to 30BB

Ace King Gold is the current nuts, signaling a strong hand. Flatting is an option.

James Folds

Although hitting a pair, bows out gracefully. If Knox had flatted he may have made the call.

Daniels Raises to 70BB

The Cut off, armed with a top set, raises again. The opponent could have weaker hands ready to get it all-in, but only really JJ, 77, or less likely AJ. It's doubtful that Knox has a one pair hand.

Knox Goes All-In

The Ace King, along with the Golds on the board, forms a formidable 4-flush, prompting the UTG+1 to go all-in. Winning the pot now is preferable, though given the action, the player is likely to get a call.

Both Stacks Go In

The tension escalates, AA squares off against AK. AA is unlucky to be behind. The board pairing would give Daniels a Full-House to take the lead. If it does pair on the turn, Knox has a redraw to the 5-flush.

Equity: AK 58% AA 42%

The Pot: A Whopping ~400BB pot

The Turn: Queen of Sapphires

The River: Gold 9

Knox emerges victorious with a rarely-seen 5-Flush, sealing the fate of their opponents and reminding us that, in this game of skill and chance, two big hands clashing leads to big pots.

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