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Ruby Suit

Ruby Poker Suit
WideDeck Ruby Ace
WideDeck Ruby King
WideDeck Ruby Queen
WideDeck Ruby Jack
WideDeck Ruby 10
WideDeck Ruby 9
WideDeck Ruby 8
WideDeck Ruby 7
WideDeck Ruby 6

Emerald Suit

Emerald Poker Suit
WideDeck Emerald Ace
WideDeck Emerald King
WideDeck Emerald Queen
WideDeck Emerald Jack
WideDeck Emerald 10
WideDeck Emerald 9
WideDeck Emerald 8
WideDeck Emerald 7
WideDeck Emerald 6

Sapphire Suit

Sapphire Poker Suit
WideDeck Sapphire Ace
WideDeck Sapphire King
WideDeck Sapphire Queen
WideDeck Sapphire Jack
WideDeck Sapphire 10
WideDeck Sapphire 9
WideDeck Sapphire 8
WideDeck Sapphire 7
WideDeck Sapphire 6

Gold Suit

Gold Poker Suit
WideDeck Gold Ace
WideDeck Gold King
WideDeck Gold Queen
WideDeck Gold Jack
WideDeck Gold 10
WideDeck Gold 9
WideDeck Gold 8
WideDeck Gold 7
WideDeck Gold 6

Silver Suit

Silver Poker Suit
WideDeck Silver Ace
WideDeck Silver King
WideDeck Silver Queen
WideDeck Silver Jack
WideDeck Silver 10
WideDeck Silver 9
WideDeck Silver 8
WideDeck Silver 7
WideDeck Silver 6

Bronze Suit

Bronze Poker Suit
WideDeck Bronze Ace
WideDeck Bronze King
WideDeck Bronze Queen
WideDeck Bronze Jack
WideDeck Bronze 10
WideDeck Bronze 9
WideDeck Bronze 8
WideDeck Bronze 7
WideDeck Bronze 6
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