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Poker Chips Falling

Learning WideDeck:
How To Play

Poker can be played with matchsticks, coins, for fun, or for money but when playing in person, it is best played with poker chips.

Round 1: Pre-flop

To begin, deal 2 cards, face down, to each player. 

Players look at their two cards, which are personal to them, and decide whether they want to pay in order to see more cards.
You must include these two cards in your best 5-card hand.

Once each player has invested the same amount of chips in the pot, you move on to the next round. 

Round 2: The Flop = 3 cards
Round 3: The Turn = 1 card
Round 4 : The River = 1 last card

The above 5 cards can be used by all players. They are called Community cards and are placed, face up, in the middle of the table.

Between each round you must decide whether your hand is good enough to carry on.

If two or more players are left after the Final round it goes to 'Showdown' -
the player who shows the Best Hand wins the chips in the pot.

To assess how strong your hand is, please refer to the visual below!

Poker Chips Falling
Poker Crib Sheet

Download Your Guide To WideDeck Hands

WideDeck Poker Cards

What Is A Good
Starting Hand?

Pairs  A pair of Aces, Kings, Queens or Jacks are strong. Having a Ruby in your pocket pair makes them even stronger. Note, the suits within your hand are often more important than the rank.

Drawback : You can not hit a straight when you hold a pocket pair

Suited Connectors: Two hole cards of the same suit can pay dividends in WideDeck due to the introduction of a 4-Flush. Everyone loves suited cards which 'connect' as you get the added benefit of hitting straights.

Detail : Flush strength is based on the suit, not the high card.

High cards Ace-King and other combinations of high cards can be played aggressively pre-flop, especially with high-ranking suits.

Problem :  Running into AA or KK is far more common in WideDeck

Why Is It Called WideDeck?

The pack is shorter with less number ranks and wider with the addition of two suits. WideDeck encourages more action than Texas Hold’em as every additional card is more likely to improve a hand.

Poker Variant

Strategic Tips

In Poker you want to win big pots.
Either do this by getting more into the pot when you currently have the best hand or get your opponents to believe they have the better hand.

Knowing the suit rankings and hand rankings is extremely important.

Hand Ranking

WideDeck follows traditional poker hand rankings with the addition of '4-Flush' and '5 of a Kind' 

These rankings are based on how likely it is to achieve those hands.

No Split Pots

Suit acts as the tie breaker for all hand rankings.

Having to play both of your two hole cards means you can never play the same 5 cards as your opponent.

In WideDeck, one pair will rarely be enough to win the hand at showdown.

Two pairs, three-of-a-kind and straights are common

Example: How Do Suits Work?

Player 1

WideDeck Sapphire Ace
WideDeck Sapphire Jack.jpg

Player 2

WideDeck Silver Ace


WideDeck Ruby Ace
WideDeck Emerald 7
WideDeck Sapphire 6


WideDeck Gold King


WideDeck Sapphire 8.jpg

Player 1 is holding Ace-Jack of Sapphires, Player 2 holds Silver Ace-Ruby King. 

Ace-Jack is leading because the Ace of Sapphires is higher than the Ace of Silver.
The Kicker does not matter


Both players pay to see the flop which reveals an Ace- Seven- Six.
Both players hit a Pair of Aces, but Player 1 has the higher Pair of Aces.


On the turn, the Gold King gives Player 2 Two Pairs: Aces & Kings.
Player 1 has one pair, and only has five outs

The 8 of sapphires on the River is one of those outs, giving player 1 a 4-flush.
On this board, he holds the best hand possible, also known as the nuts.


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