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Everyone loves a chopped pot?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

But do they?? Hold'em has limitations.

  1. You've just witnessed a hand play out for 15 minutes. Turns out both players have the same hand. Zzzzzz.

  2. It's on the bubble, two players on your table go all-in and you're hoping for a bust out...but no, they each have Ace-Queen *SIGH*

  3. Big pot with Ace-King, your opponent has Ace-Ten, and the board rolls out 66335. Annoying!

WideDeck takes all that pain away.

The most painful situation you can have in WideDeck is when you have the same ranks as your opponent but those cards are of inferior suits. You could be as low as 5% to win preflop.

AK of Bronze and Silver can shrivel up against any raise pre-flop, as you run the risk of being dominated.

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